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Integrated Variable Refrigerant Flow AHU/PAU (R410A)

Designing of air conditioning system is simple, no water pump, no cooling tower and no cooling / chilled water piping.

Simple control system, built-in controls for VRF outdoor unit plus field installed LMCP for AHU/PAU.

Excellent full load COP for VRF outdoor unit (10HP) is 3.6, 50% COP is 4.3.

VRF Brochure


 The Advantages

  • Simple design of air condition system
  • Integrated package with VRF system
  • Simple cable and refrigerant piping connection
  • Built-in backup, interlock and heat pump operation
  • Excellent full load COP for VRF outdoor unit
  • Simple control system
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Max 224kW cooling capacity
  • Long pipe run available for greater design flexibility
  • Custom design of AHU/PAU arrangement to improve IAQ