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Heat Recovery Wheels

Are  high-performance and compact version of rotary exchange to be fitted inside air handling units in order to improve comfort ventilation along with efficiency
. The wheels can be  oriented  side-by-side or on-top of each other and the exchanger can be mounted vertically or horizontally  directly on-site.

Temperature efficiency up to 90%.

Plate Heat Exchangers

Are cross flow plate heat exchangers which efficiency is improved by a particular aluminium plate designed for  amplifying  the turbulence.

The high standard alloy of the plate assures the high durability of the products.


    The honeycomb structure of the internal wheel allows the heat absorption of the out coming air and its release in  the incoming one with  a low level of contamination between the two air fluxes.
    Exchanging  temperature and/or humidity between the exhaust and supply airflows inside the Air Handling Units. (font Lato)
    Air to Air heat recovery systems  reduce the energy consumption normally used to heat and cool the air.
    With a temperature efficiency up to 90% , Saiver Air-to-Air heat recovery are leading to the full recovery  of the hidden humidity.
    Run around heat recovery systems are the first choice when  airflows are required to be entirely separate (e.g. hospitals). A liquid medium is transferring the heat carried by one airflow to the other airflow.

Heat Recovery Units – Standard Series

  • S-PHE
    Working with an heat exchanger with low losses of load the system is able to reduce heating and cooling effects with an extremely reduced cost of energy .
  • S-HRW
    With a low energy impact the system is absorbing the heat of the out coming air and its release in  the incoming one with  a low level of contamination between the two air fluxes