About us

saiver manifacturing plantSAIVER was established in 1959 in Monza, a few kilometres from Milan, Italy, by Carlo Garanzini and Mario Saita, two master craftsmen.

We applied industrial methods to the production of air handling units since then manufactured with poor artisanal technologies.

This way we succeeded in producing high performance equipment well in advance the average state of the industry and to win important orders by demanding chemicals and watch industries.

steel sandwich panelsSAIVER was the first manufacturer to produce Air Handling Units using steel sandwich panels with injected CFC free foam, a technology later adopted by all AHU manufacturers.

This allowed to offer products much more efficient that the average production on the market, environmental friendly and of much better quality.

Another first in 1974 by SAIVER was the development of the aluminium frame  for the AHUs, a new standard for the whole industry.


worldwide growt

More innovations and improved manufacturing technologies followed and SAIVER growth in production capacity and innovative solutions, gaining expertise to follow the requirements from the most demanding industries:

nuclear power stations,nuclear plant AHU

chemical and biological laboratories,

Data centres,

operating theatres and so on.

Furthermore, SAIVER’s AHUs were specified and installed in leading projects, like  office buildings, hospitals, airports, and commercial centres.


saiver in the world

Today  SAIVER products are required and installed in more than 25 countries in Europe and  the Mediterranean basin and in a total of 44 countries in the world

SAIVER controls:

– 28 distributors and agents in 44 countries

– various agreements with other leading manufactures


An advansaiver manifacturing plantced production plant

was started in Busnago, a few kilometres from the head office, expanding the total surface to 18.000 square meters and pushing  the average production capacity up to 3800 AHUs/year.

SAIVER now count 75 employees among technical personnel, administrative and workman force.


The new production plant in Busnago is fully equipped for complete production process, from the receipt and storage of materials and parts to the final assembly and testing of the AHUs.

The Busnago plant has a production line allowing the following operations:robots

Cutting, punching and bending steel or aluminium plates by robots according computer-generated drawings

Constructions of the aluminium frames as above

Production of the sandwich panels injected with CFC free foam and rockwool in depths (30, 40, 60, 88 mm)?

Installation of the components – fans, filters, coils etc. – to the completion of the unit, full testing according to requests of the customer.