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AHU – A1 Series

The A1 Series Air Handling Unit are produce by a team of engineers and technicians totally committed to meet every need of the most attentive and demanding customers.


A series of products that meet the dehumidification requirements in any field, from office to supermarkets.

Desiccant Cooling – KUIVA

An advanced system for dehumidification and adiabatic cooler of ambient.

Concealed Fan Coils

The units offer excellent features and benefits in terms of the following: compact size, low initial cost,super low noise operation, ease of installation and ease of maintenance making them ideal for cooling or heating a wide range of applications including apartments, banks, hotels,shopping malls, show rooms, air ports, stores, museums, high rise buildings, schools, office buildings and many other applications.

Heat Recovery Units

Wide range of heat recovery, from plate heat exchanger to rotary regenerators.

Integrated Variable Refrigerant Flow – AHU/PAU

Designing of air conditioning system is simple, no water pump, no cooling tower and no cooling / chilled water piping
. Excellent full load COP for VRF outdoor unit (10HP) is 3.6.