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SAIVER was founded in 1959 and has been manufacturing high quality Air Handling Units for almost half of a century now. The Series A1 Air Handling System is the culmination of experience over the years together with continuing improvement through Research and Development


SAIVER SRL and its client can bet on the performance of the Air Handling Unit: SAIVER produces efficient, economic and high quality PERSONALIZED unit, thanks to its fully automated production line and his team of engineers and technical experts.

Still uncertain about the unit’s performace that you buy? There is no more reason for doubt: WE CUSTOMIZE THE TEST OF YOUR UNIT based on the specification you decide.


CE Atex Certification
TUV Certification
ISO 9001 Certification

Product Certifications

AHU – A1 Series

Eurovent Certification

Via M
. Da Besozzo 16
20900 Monza (MB)
Phone +39039282831

Manufacturing plant
Via Piave 156
20874 Busnago (MB)

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